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Is a cutting edge inclusive sensory gym that will provide an array of sensory based activities, one of a kind sensory circuit classes, interactive floors, equipment and educational opportunities. Our mission is to help provide sensory resources for families of all children that will help refine their ability to respond to sensory experiences; nurture; and improve upon their overall childhood development and social skills.
Sensory Towne believes in using education and play to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all children and families to enjoy no matter what their ability.

Brain Sensors

We are changing the brain through play.

∼Kimberly Belzer

Our Story


My name is Kimberly Belzer and am the founder of Sensory Towne. I have over 10 years working with children with all different types of abilities.

Sensory Towne was inspired by Brandon, my amazing son who has multiple special needs to include extensive sensory needs. Brandon was born with hydrocephalus and had his first surgery at 4.5 months. To date Brandon has undergone 16 surgeries and a multitude of hospital interventions including being a cancer survivor. Throughout Brandon’s life he has become a child that is constantly sensory seeking. When he has the right combination of sensory input he functions better throughout the day and his behaviors are better.

While working with children and families in their homes and in the community I am always approached with similar questions from families “Where can I take my child that they can enjoy activities that are more geared towards their needs” I knew exactly what they meant because I too found that I was needing the answer to that questions for my child.

I started researching and creating a play space that could accommodate all children whether they are running, crawling, scooting or in a wheelchair. Sensory Towne was born. All kids just want to be kids and have fun. Fun for one child might not be fun for another so variety of choices and experiences are needed. I also realize from being a mother that it is just as important to me, warms my heart and gives me peace when I am seeing my son’s reaction and smile on his face when he is having fun and interacting with other children.

Sensory Towne will provide an array services to provide both a recreational learning experience for families that would benefit from a sensory experience and an educational learning experience to provide the information that the caregivers need to provide care in their own natural environment once they leave the gym. We will connect families with resources and help families get the resources they need. We will be all inclusive and will employ people with all different skill sets and abilities to provide a sense of community.

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