Your child is born with special needs

Your child is born with special needs and you are suddenly thrown into a world of acronyms, long, hard to pronounce medical terms, specialists, therapists, lots of extra appointments, diets and lots of advice from well meaning strangers, friends and family but no real solutions.  Your head is spinning and you suddenly feel isolated with nobody to turn to that is going through what you are going through. You scour the internet for answers but you become more lost then when you logged onto the computer because there is so much conflicting information online.  You are not sure where to even begin or what to search or seek out.

Take a deep breath..

Take a deep breath, there are many parents right here in the community that can lend you a hand.  Look up and look around, you will become an expert in recognizing these mommy’s and daddy’s because we all share a common mission, to have our children receive the best care and resources available. The best resources and information that I found for my son when he was small and even now was from talking to other parents that have children with different abilities in varying stages of development.

Community help is on the way

This community of families and their children are strong, informed, educated in the needs of their children and are like the FBI in locating resources for their children to flourish.  The most amazing part of these families is that they are excited to share what they learned with you to make your road a little easier. So the next time you are out and about, look around, you may be surprised who was meant to cross your path to lend you a hand and help you find the answers you have been struggling with.  Lifetime bonds are made this way!

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